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This is the heart of the National Weekend Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking.

The Church is the central area of focus in uniting people of Faith to become aware of the issues related to Modern Day Slavery in America and how to effectively pray to end it. We are asking Pastors and Leaders from around the country to take a minimum of 10 minutes during their time of corporate fellowship and gatherings to talk about Human Trafficking and lead a time of prayer asking God to bring about an end to modern slavery. The video provides a great introduction and the document we’ve created has several stats and prayer points to help make it easy.



Families are on the front lines of combating Human Trafficking in America.

We’re encouraging families across America to take some time in the evening to come together for prayer and discussion on the issues of Modern Day Slavery, as well as how to protect themselves and talk about what they can do to help end this injustice.

Our desire is to empower parents and guardians to be able to openly discuss the issues their children face in our ever-changing society, equipping them with information on how to stay safe (online and off) and how Traffickers and Predators operate. Furthermore, by teaching children about the effects Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery is having on our Nation and the World, we seek to prevent them from the snares and pitfalls that can lead one into becoming a customer and consumer of the fastest growing illegal enterprise in the World.

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